Exceptional electric bikes | Ateliers HeritageBike
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Exceptional electric bikes | Ateliers HeritageBike
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo

Heritage Origine x Valeo

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The iconic electric bike

The Heritage Origine x Valeo bike is a new version equipped with the truly innovative French motorisation solution with integrated gearbox and an exceptional torque of 130 Nm. Designed in France, on the shores of Lake Annecy, by Ateliers HeritageBike®, it is the electrically assisted bike that makes no compromise on style, quality of materials and ergonomics.

The unique architecture of the frame and the integration of the motor and battery as low as possible are not only aesthetic but also functional. This innovation provides a better weight distribution and lowers the centre of gravity. This results in a more comfortable, safer and more efficient ride.

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The Heritage Origine is a clever combination of advanced technology and unique styling borrowed from the bikes of yesteryear.

This stylistic wink is expressed through strong elements such as the curves and the racy geometry of the steel frame, the wide tires, the inverted telescopic fork, the large headlight, the leather elements and of course the tank.

Both aesthetic and functional, the tank is one of the main styling elements of the Heritage Origine x Valeo model. It contains a large and useful storage space.

In terms of technology, this model is also equipped with the "Cyclee by Valeo" electric motor, which pushes the limits of electric bikes thanks to its power, its innovative gearbox and its optimal management of electric energy, for a riding experience that combines freedom, power and style.

Electric bikes made in France
Electric bikes made in France

The most powerful engine on the market

If you are looking for an electric bike with powerful electric assistance and a personalized riding experience, the Heritage Origine is the perfect choice. It is equipped with the most powerful motor currently available on the electric bike market, offering a maximum torque of 130 Nm. This ultra-powerful electric assist allows for a smooth and enjoyable ride, even on the steepest of climbs.

In addition to the ultra-powerful motor, the Heritage Origine has another major innovation: a 7-speed automatic or sequential gearbox.

7-speed automatic gearbox

This innovation is a real revolution in the world of electric bikes, offering an even finer management of the electric assistance and a personalized driving experience according to your pedaling style.

This gearbox allows a more optimal use of the electric energy, which increases the autonomy of the battery and allows you to travel longer distances without having to worry about recharging. In addition, it provides a smooth and balanced ride, suitable for all terrains and situations.

By using the automatic transmission, you can enjoy an uninterrupted driving experience, as it automatically adjusts the gear ratio to optimize the electric assistance. If you prefer to use the sequential transmission, you can customize your ride by choosing the gear ratio that best suits your pedaling style.

Electric bike with gearbox
Belt-driven electric bike

Gates Carbon Drive belt

In addition to its power and innovative gearbox, this model has a belt drive, which makes it even more powerful and quiet.

The belt drive is a cutting-edge innovation that offers a more direct and smoother power transmission than conventional chains, for an even more enjoyable driving experience. Plus, it's lighter, cleaner and doesn't require regular maintenance, making it easier to use.

With the belt drive, this bike is even quieter and more discreet. This means you'll be able to ride in peace, without noise or premature wear of parts.

Tires & Brakes

Specifically designed to provide a comfortable driving experience on all terrains, the wide, rugged tires provide increased traction on both paved roads and rough terrain. These tires also provide a more comfortable ride by absorbing shock and vibration, reducing rider fatigue.
When it comes to safety, our bike is equipped with top-of-the-line brakes that ensure optimal braking in all conditions. The hydraulic disc brakes are capable of stopping the bike quickly, even at high speeds.
By combining the wide tires with the high-end brakes, we've created a bike that offers a comfortable and safe riding experience. The tires provide unparalleled comfort and exceptional grip, while the brakes ensure optimum safety in all conditions. Whether you're riding in the city or on rougher terrain, our bike is the perfect choice for comfort- and safety-conscious riders.
Top-of-the-range brakes for electric bikes
High-performance lighting for electric bikes

High performance lighting

The Heritage Origine is an electric bike that perfectly combines style and safety. In addition to its unique retro design, it is equipped with high-end front and rear lighting that ensures optimal visibility, day and night. But that's not all: the front and rear lights of this electric bike have been designed in a vintage style, reminiscent of classic bike models from the 50s and 60s.
This front and rear lighting is more than just a safety feature - it adds a touch of retro style to the overall aesthetic of the bike. Whether you're riding in the city or the country, in good weather or in dark, the Heritage Origine's front and rear lights will keep you safe while adding a touch of elegance and vintage to your riding experience.

Limited & numbered series

The Ateliers HeritageBike® have chosen to develop, manufacture and assemble their bikes in France, in order to perpetuate the production on our territory and to benefit from the best know-how.

In this perspective, our bikes are produced exclusively in limited series, identifiable thanks to their numbered plate.

Limited & numbered series
French luxury electric bikes

Leather from the Alps

Made by a master craftsman in the village of Grand Bornand, in the Aravis mountains, in the heart of the Haute-Savoie Alps, the thick leather parts on the tank or the fork are living materials whose hues and patina can vary and thus add a unique character to your Heritage Origine model. The visible seams are also handmade by our master craftsman.

The leather of your Heritage Origine is delivered oiled. In order to help it last through the ages, we recommend that you regularly maintain it with specific products.

Saddle Berthoud Cycles

Established since 1977 near Mâcon, the craftsmen of Cycles Berthoud manufacture with passion saddles in full grain leather, thick and untrimmed, benefiting from a natural vegetable tanning.

The Aubisque saddle has a crescent made of technical synthetic material with high mechanical characteristics combining resistance and flexibility to offer you maximum comfort.  It is completely removable thanks to the system of assembly of the leather on the frame, ensured by stainless steel screws whose heads are housed in brass cups. These cone-shaped cups fit into the recesses in the leather, thus ensuring a perfect fit.

The seat is 180 mm wide, perfectly adapted to the cyclist's position.

Berthoud Cycles is recognized throughout the world for its know-how, which has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label.

Saddle Berthoud Cycles
Antitheft | GPS | Alarm | Ateliers HeritageBike


Security is one of the main concerns of cyclists, which is why Ateliers HeritageBike offers a number of security features to protect your bike against theft and ensure your peace of mind.

As standard, the Heritage Origine is equipped with the Cyclee by Valeo anti-theft device. This top-of-the-range security device is integrated directly into the engine, disengaging the gearbox and making it impossible to use the bike. This function can be activated directly from the cockpit or via your smartphone.

For even greater safety, we offer an optional GPS & Alarm box.

The optional GPS tracker built into the bike lets you locate it in real time. Thanks to the Ateliers HeritageBike mobile application, you can track the exact position of your bike on a map at any time, making it easy to find in the event of theft.

The alarm option is also an important feature of the anti-theft system. If someone tries to steal your bike or move it without authorisation, the 102 dB alarm goes off immediately, attracting the attention of passers-by and deterring thieves.

Finally, the Ateliers HeritageBike mobile application lets you manage your bike remotely. For example, you can activate or deactivate the alarm or GPS tracker, check the state of the battery, or receive real-time notifications about the condition and scheduled maintenance of your bike.

Technical specifications

  • Frame: Chromoly steel, exclusive integration of motor and battery
  • Fork: Inverted telescopic, 40 mm travel
  • Engine: Cyclee by Valeo - 130 Nm of torque 
  • Gearbox: 7 automatic or sequential gears;
  • Belt: Gates Carbon Drive - CDX BELT - 12 mm
  • Battery: Cyclee by Valeo, 630 Wh - Removable 
  • Range: 100 km, depending on use
  • Anti-theft: Anti-theft system integrated into the Cyclee by Valeo engine;
  • Handles: Montegrappa leather
  • Saddle: Berthoud Cycle - Mente
  • Brakes: Front and rear / Magura MT Trail Sport / disc diameter 180 mm
  • Tyres: VeeTire Snow Avalanche / 26 x 4.0
  • Body: Carbon fibre and fibreglass
  • Frame colour: Aluminium grey / Sanded black
  • Body colour: Heritage Green / Heritage Black;
  • Weight: 32 kg


  • GPS Tracker & Alarm (102db) 
  • Tailor-made bodywork paintwork
Exceptional electric bike | Made in France | Ateliers HeritageBike
Heritage Geometry Origin

Geometry & Kinematics

Driver size
1,58 - 1,90m
RC480 mm
HT 135 mm
FH470 mm
STACK622 mm
FO45 mm
FC683 mm
WB1152 mm
ST450 mm
Heritage Origine x Valeo