The media universe of Ateliers HeritageBike

Immerse yourself in the media world of Ateliers HeritageBike, where excellence meets recognition. Explore our press articles, exclusive interviews and rave reviews in the specialist media. Our commitment to innovation and French craftsmanship has captured the attention of industry experts, and these media appearances are testament to our dedication to creating unique experiences on two wheels.

Our history and creations have been meticulously documented in the columns of leading magazines. Find out how our top-of-the-range electric bikes have won the admiration of critics, highlighting our constant quest for quality and differentiating design. Read the rave reviews that highlight our commitment to excellence and our determination to create exceptional products.

paris match bike

"An exceptional machine reserved for the gourmet of bicycle"

"The technical characteristics of the bike clearly display excellence"

"The ultimate electric bike"

"The haute couture version of the electric bike, the finish of a luxury watch"

"A great adventure with a backshoring activist"

"The French bike that stands out on the E-bike market"

The VAE with a vintage motorcycle look that shatters the border of the motorcycle universe

"Powerful engine, great autonomy and comfort for this two-wheeler with a vintage motorcycle look"

"A jewel this electrically assisted bike with optimized technology, real comfort in the effort and leather details..."

"Pedelecs designed, manufactured and assembled in France"

"Coup de cœur"

"The manufacturing of these little jewels requires about fifty hours of work."

"HeritageBike's growth is set to be exponential."

"Made in France: The challenge was a big one."

"A real crush when discovering the Heritage"

"Heritage is clearly playing in the big league"

"A 100% French novelty and the famous Valeo engine!"

"The cycles of the French brand Ateliers HeritageBike do not leave one indifferent"

"Springboard 2022 Eco Trophy - Mobility Category"

"Right design, vintage elegance and amazing finish"

"An ancient spirit that lives in its time"

"Special Jury Prize 2022 - Jury's Favourite"

"Selection Gift Guide 2022 and 100% Made in France"

"Originality & short circuits"

paris match bike

"Ateliers HeritageBike, the saga continues"

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"A degree of "Made in France" that is no longer seen elsewhere"

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"Honoree - Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility"

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"With their exceptional bikes, Ateliers  HeritageBike aim for the top"

paris match bike

"With their exceptional bikes, Ateliers  HeritageBike aim for the top"

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"We were stunned by the incredible electric bikes with the lines of motorbikes from the 1950s."

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"An elegance and art of living is immediately perceptible"

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"Heritage Spirit, the birth of an electrifying two-wheeler"

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"The best of style and technology"

Velo Vert magazine

"Ateliers HeritageBike at a higher altitude"

Velo Vert magazine

"This electric-assist bike makes no compromise between style, quality of materials and ergonomics."

Velo Vert magazine

"A luxury electric cruiser à la Française."