Why a fundraising?

Three years ago, Xavier Wargnier and Guillaume Monsigny embarked on an extraordinary entrepreneurial adventure by creating "Ateliers HeritageBike", a manufacturer of exceptional electric bikes made in France. They started from a simple observation: the electric bike market is exploding (+25% per year in France and nearly 2 million electric bikes sold in Europe each year) but most of the world production comes from Asia and above all the offer was too plain and without a premium offer as it exists in the automotive industry.

It took 3 years to set up production and know-how in France, 3 years to bring out a complete range of 5 high-end bikes, with exceptional quality, performance, innovation and design. It was a real challenge in the middle of the Covid period, with a worldwide shortage of components, but we managed to produce and sell all our production by doubling our turnover at least every year, and also to build major French industrial partnerships for greater independence (unlike most of our competitors who still work with Asia).

Today we are 8 partners and 5 permanent staff, all proud and involved in this exciting adventure. This year we have secured the production of 170 bikes for a turnover of 857 K€, next year we will produce 550 bikes for a turnover of 2 796 K€ before producing 1500 bikes in 2024 for a turnover of 8 550 K€.

Today, we want to continue our adventure by accelerating our activity to become in the short term one of the major European players in the high-end electric bike market.

We are launching 2 fundraising campaigns, 500 K€ in equity and 500 K€ in bonded debt to recruit, continue to innovate with new models and also to secure the production of the next years.

Here are the links to the 2 campaigns: