One passion


Ateliers HeritageBike® is born from the will of Xavier Wargnier and Guillaume Monsigny to create electrically assisted bicycles, which upset the usual codes. Gathered around a common passion for beautiful mechanics and ecological concerns, they decided to create a brand of electrically-assisted bicycles, Ateliers  HeritageBike® based on the shores of Lake Annecy. With the help of five other passionate partners, the dream becomes reality. Our models combine technology, luxury, craftsmanship and French know-how.

The French


We took up the challenge of creating the most "Made in France" electric bikes possible. From the very beginning of the project, we have chosen French know-how in order to perpetuate and anchor the production on our territory. With this in mind, our bikes are produced exclusively in small limited series. The design, engineering, manufacturing of the frames, the different composite parts, the enameled brand plates, the leather parts, the paints, the assembly and the finishing are made in France. When it was impossible to find an accessory in France that meets our specifications, we prefer European producers. 

A team of


Xavier Wargnier

Co-founder & President

A serial entrepreneur, Xavier is the unifying element of the team. He is probably also the most aesthetic and demanding of the group. He is passionate about beautiful machines (Triumph, Morgan, Defender, Riva,...) but also about the world of beautiful things, unique objects. He tries every day to put into practice his favorite hastag #notthemostunfortunate. Xavier is also the creator of a reference event "Les Sommets du Digital" and of a publishing house, Editions Kawa.

Guillaume Monsigny

Co-founder & Designer

Trained as an automotive and transport designer, Guillaume is passionate about beautiful machines. Guillaume is also very sensitive to French production and quality craftsmanship. The future electrically assisted bikes of the HeritageBike workshops that will come out of his pencil stroke and his head will be in the creative line of the Heritage model.

Laurence Pastorelli


Laurence, is the manager of a professional training center with a solid marketing experience, Laurence is also a passionate person. Generous and committed, she brings to the team her energy and good humor, which is reflected in our communication.

Jérome Favre


 Jérome is passionate about everything he does and he did not join the Ateliers Heriagebike team by chance! In love with old Vespa or collectors' items, he co-manages a group of creation-manufacturing of furniture and decoration stores. His experience of beauty, distribution and logistics as well as manufacturing is a serious asset in the team.

Jean-Luc Pezzolato


Jean-Luc, manages the marketing of a leading company in the world of industrial labels, especially in the luxury industry. He is as happy on a competition ATV as he is on his Harley-Davidson or one of his vintage Vespas. He is at ease with the times but also with beautiful vintage objects like a pinball machine or a Porsche 356. 

Nathalie Vaudey


Nathalie is in charge of key accounts for one of the largest laboratories and brings to Ateliers Heritagebike® the rigor that is essential to channel the creative energy of part of the team. Her arrival in the adventure is not a coincidence either, as Nathalie loves beautiful things, whether they are decoration, architecture or beautiful machines. Her taste for a certain uncompromising art of living fits well with the DNA of Les Ateliers Heritagebike®.

Romain Lacroix


Romain, CEO of an FMCG in the Annecy region, is the latest arrival in Ateliers Heritagebike® adventure. Connected to numbers as well as to business relations and resolutely wired internationally, seeing him join Les Ateliers was imposed by his taste for beautiful human adventures, his convictions on new urban mobilities or his sensitivity to beautiful mechanics. What His Ducati Mostro, renovated to the highest standards.

Patrick Bouchet


Entrepreneur since he was 23 years old with many companies or participations to his credit, Patrick is an invested and generous man who does not hesitate to go for projects and causes. Passionate about beautiful old cars, he has already participated in the historic Monte-Carlo rally 6 times. Based in the cradle of cycling, in Saint Etienne, Patrick is a local player involved in sports clubs (Rugby), mayor of his town, in the local production ecosystem, ... 

Sylvie Frin-Bérard

Administrative Manager 

Sylvie worked for 17 years in a law firm and consulting firm as Office Manager before joining the Digital Summits team. She supports Ateliers Heritagebike® team and puts her dynamism and rigor at the service of the organization, administration and logistics.