Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo
Heritage Origine x Valeo

Heritage Origine x Valeo

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The iconic electric bike

The Heritage Origine x Valeo bike is a new version equipped with the truly innovative French motorisation solution with integrated gearbox and an exceptional torque of 130 Nm. Designed in France, on the shores of Lake Annecy, by Ateliers HeritageBike®, it is the electrically assisted bike that makes no compromise on style, quality of materials and ergonomics.

The unique architecture of the frame and the integration of the motor and battery as low as possible are not only aesthetic but also functional. This innovation provides a better weight distribution and lowers the centre of gravity. This results in a more comfortable, safer and more efficient ride.

Pre-order today by paying a down payment of 20% (1 798€ Tax included) of the final price of 8990€ Tax included. You will be notified 5 days before the finalization of your model to pay the remaining amount of your order (delivery april 2023).



Style &


Like the iconic Heritage Origine, the Heritage Origine x Valeo has a unique style borrowed from the motorbikes of the past.

This stylistic reference is made by strong elements such as the curves and the racy geometry of the steel frame, the wide tires, the inverted telescopic fork, the large headlamp, the leather elements and of course the tank.

Both aesthetic and functional, the tank is one of the main styling elements of the Heritage Origine x Valeo model. It contains a large and useful storage space. 

In terms of technology, the carbon fibre bonnet incorporates a GPS tracker.  

Vélo électrique made in France

Sensations &


By not using the bonnet to integrate the battery, we were able to create a frame with a unique architecture. 

We have therefore innovated by placing the motor and the battery at the pedal level, in order to obtain an optimal weight distribution and the lowest possible center of gravity. This distributes the weight evenly between the two wheels and ensures the right balance. The center of gravity is therefore extremely low. 

Both aspects significantly increase performance and ride feel.

The Heritage Origine x Valeo model features Valeo's revolutionary brand new engine made in France. Imagine a powerful engine with a phenomenal 130 Nm of torque, light weight and a 7-speed automatic gearbox for unprecedented performance and comfort. Equipped with Valeo's 650 Wh fast-charging battery, the range is spectacular, with more than 100 km on a single charge.

This new Valeo solution is the latest generation of innovative drive solutions where the user experience is privileged like never before. You'll be amazed by the sharp acceleration and automatic, almost linear gear shifting in any gear. The on-board intelligence manages the best gear for you to adapt to the terrain, your pace and your desires.

Speaking of feeling, you will also appreciate the comfort and silence of your bike. We have chosen to use a Gates Carbon Drive belt drive system.

VAE made in france


The ergonomic layout of the controls makes it easy to master these technologies. 
We have chosen a light and discreet LCD display. Display functions include assist mode, battery level, speed, speedometer, distance, total mileage, ride time, estimated range and cadence. You can also choose to connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone to use your favourite applications.
On the technological side, the carbon fibre bonnet incorporates a GPS tracker from the French brand Trackap, which alerts you if your bike is moved or stolen. This tracker has a battery life of up to 3 months and warns you as soon as the battery level approaches 20%. 
Moreover, the on-board technology allows you to benefit from one of the best anti-theft systems on the market with GPS synchronisation. The electric assistance stops automatically in case of theft and the integrated gearbox automatically puts itself in neutral without the possibility of pedalling. 

Limited &

numbered series

Ateliers HeritageBike® has chosen to develop, manufacture and assemble its bikes in France, in order to perpetuate the production on our territory and to benefit from the best know-how.

In this perspective, our bikes are produced exclusively in limited series, identifiable thanks to their numbered plate. 

velo a assistance electrique
assistance électrique pour vélo

Leather from the Alps

Made by a master craftsman in the village of Grand Bornand, in the Aravis mountains, in the heart of the Haute-Savoie Alps, the thick leather parts on the tank or fork are living materials whose hues and patina can vary and thus add a unique character to your Heritage Origine model. The visible seams are also handmade by our master craftsman.

The leather of your Heritage Origine is delivered oiled. In order to help it last through the years, we advise you to maintain it regularly with specific products.

Saddle Berthoud Cycles

Established since 1977 near Mâcon, the craftsmen of Cycles Berthoud manufacture with passion saddles in full grain leather, thick and untrimmed, benefiting from a natural vegetable tanning.

The Aubisque saddle has a crescent made of a technical synthetic material with high mechanical characteristics combining resistance and suppleness to offer you maximum comfort.  It can be completely dismantled thanks to the system of assembly of the leather on the frame, ensured by stainless steel screws whose heads are housed in brass cups. These cups, with their conical interior shape, fit into the housings embossed in the leather, thus ensuring a perfect fit.

The seat is 180 mm wide, perfectly adapted to the rider's position.

Berthoud Cycles is recognised throughout the world for its know-how, which has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label.

vae velo electrique
assistance électrique pour vélo

Geometry &


Driver size
1,58 - 1,90m
RC480 mm
HT 135 mm
FH470 mm
STACK622 mm
FO45 mm
FC683 mm
WB1152 mm
ST450 mm



  • Frame: Chromoly steel, exclusive integration of motor and battery
  • Fork: Inverted telescopic, preload adjustment, 40 mm travel
  • Engine: Valeo Smart Ebike System - 130 Nm of torque
  • Gearbox: 7-speed automatic or sequential
  • Belt: Gates Carbon Drive - CDX BELT - 12 mm
  • Battery: Valeo Smart Ebike System, 630 Wh - Removable
  • Range: 100 km on a single charge, to be adjusted according to use.
  • Anti-theft system: Valeo anti-theft system integrated into the engine
  • Computer: Valeo Smart Ebike System, bluetooth, USB port
  • Handles: Montegrappa leather
  • Control handles: Valeo Smart Ebike System
  • Saddle: Berthoud Cycle - Mente
  • Brakes: Front and rear / Formula Cura with 160 mm diameter disc
  • Tires: VeeTire Snow Avalanche / 26 x 4.0
  • Bodywork: Carbon fiber and fiberglass
  • Frame colour: Aluminium grey
  • Body colour: AHB pearl green
  • Weight: 32 kg
assistance électrique pour vélo
Heritage Origine x Valeo