Heritage Altitude
Heritage Altitude
Heritage Altitude
Heritage Altitude
Heritage Altitude
Heritage Altitude
Heritage Altitude
Heritage Altitude
Heritage Altitude
Heritage Altitude
Heritage Altitude
Heritage Altitude

Heritage Altitude

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New - Electrically assisted mountain bikes  

What if the most beautiful electrically assisted mountain bike in the world was made in France? You be the judge, but some people think so! So here is the Heritage Altitude, an electrically assisted mountain bike, fully suspended, in carbon fibre, and the first eMTB in the world to integrate both an electric motor with extraordinary torque and an adaptive automatic gearbox in the bottom bracket.

Designed, built and assembled in France, between Lake Annecy and the foothills of the Alps, the Heritage Altitude is an electrically assisted mountain bike that makes no compromises on performance, style, material quality and ergonomics.

Pre-order today by paying a down payment of 20% (2 398€ Tax included) of the final price of 11990€ Tax included. You will be notified 5 days before the finalization of your model to pay the remaining amount of your order (delivery : Size L April 2023 // Size M May 2023).

  • Noir
  • Vert Heritage



Sensations &


Resulting from a new interpretation of the DNA and design of Ateliers HeritageBike, the Heritage Altitude once again reflects the world of motorcycling with its sleek lines and raw metal parts, from the engine cover to the tank-like top. 

Designed for the mountains and steep roads, it shows its intentions at first glance thanks to its subtle combination of elegance, aggressiveness and robustness. Ateliers HeritageBike is not afraid to say that the Heritage Altitude is the most stylish electrically assisted mountain bike on the market, but not only... 

Equipped with a carbon frame and ultra-resistant, high-end components, the Heritage Altitude will allow you to push your limits with the added bonus of a breathtaking riding experience thanks to Valeo's Smart e-Bike System.

assistance electrique velo

Power &


The Valeo Smart e-Bike System is the most powerful mid-drive motor on the market, developing a torque of 130 Nm and an assistance of up to 450% (of the rider). This motor also incorporates a 7-speed automatic gearbox developed in close collaboration with Effigear, the French gearbox specialist since 2002. 

Without control, power is nothing... This is why Valeo has developed and integrated multiple sensors and intelligent systems into its solution and intelligent systems that analyse your behaviour, your desires and the terrain the terrain to automatically adjust the electric assistance and offer you an and offer you an unparalleled user experience. 

In addition, the on-board technology provides one of the best anti-theft systems on the market with GPS synchronisation. The electric assistance stops automatically in case of theft and the integrated gearbox automatically puts itself in neutral without the possibility of pedalling.

BOS Suspension


For more than two decades, BOS Suspension has been one of the market leaders in high-performance suspensions for MTBs seeking to optimize their ground connections.

Fork characteristics :

  • 39mm stanchions for more rigidity and precision.
  • Lowers specially designed for the specific constraints of 39mm.
  • Steerer tube/crown/stanchions assembly specifically designed to limit torsion.
  • Mass machined crown.
  • Anti-vibration casting to reduce vibration propagation.
  • Closed, non-pressurized 2-way hydraulic cartridge for easy adjustment and maintenance
  • 3 position rebound and compression settings, including 1 adjustable channel. 
  • Pneumatic cartridge with independent cartridge (adjustable progressiveness on request)
  • Drop & Stop technology, progressive hydraulic stops to avoid end-of-stroke slamming during the rebound phase.
  • Environmentally friendly Bi-Oil and AMX1 oil to reduce friction and improve fork operation.
  • Weight : 2,590gr

BOS Suspension


Turned competition, thisrear shock is as light as it is powerful. There are many settings available: high speed compression, low speed and rebound. Progressiveness and linear response curve of the coil spring, with a weight almost identical to an air system. Compression end-stop improves and optimizes the operation at the end of the stroke.

Shock absorber features :

  • Hydraulic damper with 3-way adjustment (with tools): Low speed compression / High speed compression / Relief.
  • Progressiveness and linear response curve of the coil spring, with a contained weight.
  • Increased lateral stiffness resulting in reduced friction and improved traction.
  • AMX3 oil reduces friction and improves shock absorber operation.
  • More grip, more dynamism, more comfort and more forgiveness for an efficiency adjusted to your riding.
  • Lightweight 
  • Ultra Compact

Hydraulic brakes

Magura 4 pistons

The Magura MT7 Pro [Made in Germany] has proven itself in countless competitions - most recently on the bike of downhill world champion Loïc Bruni.

With four pistons, the MT7 Pro offers the best possible braking performance, while the ergonomically optimized HC one-finger brake lever provides optimal braking feel.

The Carbotecture SL brake handle is made of a composite material of polymers and coated carbon fibers. This combination makes the brake handle not only lightweight but also extremely durable.

The MT7 Pro's one-piece 4-piston caliper is made of forged aluminum.

This manufacturing process gives the caliper its extraordinary rigidity and makes the MT7 Pro one of the strongest and most responsive brakes on the market.

vae velo electrique
vae velo electrique

Mavic wheels


The right wheel-tire combination can help you perfect your technique and improve the performance of your electric mountain bike on challenging off-road courses. The new E-Deemax S is specially designed for eMTBs, and equipped with unique technologies for smoother riding and more fun.

The patented PFP (Pinch Flat Protection) technology greatly reduces the risk of lacerations and punctures on rough terrain.

The 35mm rim width allows you to reduce tire pressure to gain traction, maximize grip and reduce rolling resistance. 

The rim is completely sealed with no rim tape, making it easy to mount and change tubeless tires. The upper deck is not drilled, which increases the rigidity and durability of the rim.

Schwalbe Tires

Eddy Current

The revolution for electric mountain bikes.  It allows uncompromising riding even on climbs, generates fierce acceleration and technical trail riding. Motocross-inspired tread design with massive, stable lugs in the center and side positions offers absolute reliability.

Specially adjusted design for front and rear wheel use!

Front: Absolute grip in tight turns combined with high braking traction and excellent directional quality even when the weight on the front is lower on climbs. Result: understeer is more controllable

Rear: Maximum propulsion and braking traction thanks to massive blocks that transmit sufficient power to the ground, even on the steepest of climbs. Durable thanks to the large central lugs

vae velo electrique
vae velo electrique

Carbon fiber &


The Heritage Altitude is a very high-end electrically assisted mountain bike made mostly of carbon fiber. This material, often used in competition, is known for its lightness and strength. Made in France by a team specialized in composite materials, the Heritage Altitude mountain bike benefits from an experience acquired in competition and in sectors such as the automobile or aeronautical industries. 

You will notice the motorcycle spirit and the emotion that emanates from it with its large pieces of raw metal, whether on the engine cover or the top tube in the shape of a tank. Design, robustness, elegance and nobility combined in one bike.


With its 2.5-inch screen, you get an efficient, technological and solid control tool. With a USB port, Bluetooth, and a dedicated throttle button for walking assistance, this box was designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

The joysticks allow you to go further with sequential gear shifting if you wish. 

vae velo electrique

Geometry &


Driver size
1,60 - 1,75m1,75 - 1,90
TT583 mm608 mm
REACH445 mm465 mm
RC455 mm455 mm
HT 107 mm129 mm
FH560 mm560 mm
STACK600 mm620 mm
FO46 mm46 mm
WB1228 mm1258 mm
ST428 mm453 mm



  • Frame: Carbon front triangle    Aluminum rear triangle
  • Fork: BOS Suspension - Idylle 39 SC - 150 mm travel
  • Shock: BOS Suspension - Stoy 3 - 150 mm travel
  • Engine: Valeo Smart Ebike System - 130 Nm of torque
  • Gearbox: 7 automatic or sequential gears
  • Battery: Valeo Smart Ebike System, 630 Wh - Removable
  • Range: 100 km with a single charge, to be modulated according to the use.
  • Lock: Anti-theft system integrated into the Valeo engine
  • Computeur: Valeo Smart Ebike System, bluetooth, USB port
  • Handlebars: Ergotec RISER BAR
  • Handles: Con-Tec
  • Control handle: Valeo Smart Ebike System
  • Saddle: Fizik - Terra Aidon X3 Black
  • Dropper seatpost: Manitou Jack - 160 mm travel
  • Brakes: Front and rear / Magura MT7 Pro - 4 pistons / 203 mm disc
  • Wheels: Mavic E-Deemax
  • Tires: Schwalbe - Eddy Current 27.5 x 2.8
  • Frame color: Green pearl AHB or Black
  • Weight: 26 kg
vae velo electrique
Heritage Altitude - Vert - L