Heritage Style
Heritage Style
Heritage Style
Heritage Style
Heritage Style
Heritage Style

Heritage Style

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New - Electrically assisted urban bike.  
Ateliers HeritageBike is proud to present this exceptional electric bike made in France: the Heritage Style model. You will finally be able to use your bike everywhere and all the time thanks to its performances, its pleasant behaviour, its integrated anti-theft device, its comfort, its reliability, its handling and all this with elegance!
Built in France in composite materials such as carbon fibre, the Heritage Style is a jewel of technology with its innovative and French Valeo motorisation system. Designed on the shores of Lake Annecy and manufactured almost entirely in France, the Heritage Style is without doubt the most accomplished, reliable and high-performance bike available!
Pre-order today by paying a down payment of 20% (1 598€ Tax included) of the final price of 7990€ Tax included. You will be notified 5 days before the finalization of your model to pay the remaining amount of your order (delivery april 2023).
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Style &


A unique design with the use of metal parts to reinforce the feeling of having a stylish and different bike like few others in this range.

The use of composite materials for performance and exceptional finish, along with the latest technology, make the Heritage Style a truly different and extraordinary bike to ride.

vélo Heritage Origine

It would be wrong to focus only on its unique design and quality of finish, because yes, the Heritage Style is a technological jewel where the riding experience is exceptional!

The list of features is endless: wide tires to ensure comfort and exceptional versatility, a 7-speed automatic gearboxas you have in cars, a range of over 100 km with a single charge, an integrated anti-theft system, a comfort thought in every detail, an exemplary reliability owing to the quality of its construction and the use of high-end materials, a suspended fork to absorb the smallest shocks during your rides, a belt drive without derailleur and therefore without maintenance, an extraordinary handling resulting from the thorough work of our design office, and finally a powerful engine without equivalent.

Sensations &


The power and intelligence are there like never before. Well above the norm, you will have 130 Nm for incredible performance and be at ease even on climbs with more than 15% gradient!

With the multiple sensors and the intelligent system developed by Valeo, the on-board electronics can analyze your behavior, your desires and the environment to automatically adjust the electric assistance and offer you an unrivaled user experience!

The other strong point is the automatic gearbox integrated into the bottom bracket. Developed jointly with Valeo and Effigear, this central transition unit is state-of-the-art with 7 speeds and 450% range opening to adapt to you and the environment and not the other way around. Gear changes are instantaneous, seamless and fully automatic. If you feel the need, you can also change gears sequentially. No more fragile derailleurs and difficulties in finding the right gear!

assistance electrique velo
VAE made in france

Power &


The battery developed in France by Valeo offers a power of 630Wh to allow you to use your bike even on long distances; more than 100 km in a single charge. 

The embedded technology allows you to benefit from one of the best anti-theft systems on the market with GPS synchronization. The electric assistant stops automatically in case of theft and the integrated gearbox automatically puts itself in neutral without the possibility to pedal. 

Precise &

POWERFUL braking

The MAGURA MT Sport has all the high-tech features of German engineering, such as the Carbotecture® components and the proven MAGURA Disctube hose for safe stops on rides and city trips.

MAGURA stands for maximum reliability and quality in both the motorcycle and bicycle sectors. The one-piece brake caliper of the MT Sport and the use of non-degradable mineral oil increase the durability considerably.

This is also the case with the Carbotecture® brake handle made of reinforced high-tech polymer. This material is extremely impact resistant, break resistant, elastic and yet incredibly strong.

VAE made in france

Mavic wheels


The right wheel-tire combination can help you improve the performance of your electric bike. The new E-Deemax S is specially designed for E-bikes, and equipped with unique technologies for smoother riding and more fun.

The patented PFP (Pinch Flat Protection) technology greatly reduces the risk of lacerations and punctures.

The 35mm rim width allows you to reduce tire pressure to gain traction, maximize grip and reduce rolling resistance. 

The rim is completely sealed with no rim tape, making it easy to mount and change tubeless tires. The upper deck is not drilled, which increases the rigidity and durability of the rim.

Schwalbe Tires



On the road and on the track, the Super Moto-X offers the best riding characteristics and a lot of comfort.

The extra-strong Double Defense construction allows you to reach your destination safely, even in the most difficult conditions.

With its large 70 mm width, enormous volume and maximum load capacity, Super Moto-X is the perfect equipment for all your trips. 

Supernova Lighting

Mini 2 PRO

Low beam, high beam, daytime running light!

The very high beam angle makes the high beam shine much further than other headlights.

In addition, the illumination of curves is much better. Traffic signs are easier to see and the light cone is less sensitive to when the suspension fork is lowered.

The uniform, long-range, focused light area greatly improves safety and visibility. There is also a powerful low beam, which makes it possible to cross the city without dazzling other users and in accordance with the law.

Supernova Lighting


The TL3 PRO is the first SUPERNOVA tail light with a sensor brake light and an emergency strobe.

A high-precision 3-axis sensor controls the brake light and thus works for the first time without special brake levers.

The glistening, bright, homogeneous signature of the TL3 PRO, with 32 LEDs behind a fine light guide made of high-tech diffusion material, provides an impressive warning effect with the highest luminance, which is also exceptionally visible from the side.


With its 2.5-inch screen, you get an efficient, technological and solid control tool. With USB, Bluetooth, and a dedicated throttle button for walking assistance, this box was designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

The controls allow you to go further with sequential gear shifting if you wish. 

Geometry &


Driver size
1,58 - 1,90m
TT607 mm
REACH390 mm
RC470 mm
HT 160 mm
FH450 mm
STACK639 mm
FO51 mm
FC667 mm
WB1123 mm
ST450 mm
vae velo electrique



  • Frame: Carbon fiber
  • Fork: Manitou Markhor - 100 mm travel
  • Engine: Valeo Smart Ebike System - 130 Nm of torque
  • Gearbox: 7 automatic or sequential gears
  • Battery: Valeo Smart Ebike System, 630 Wh - Removable
  • Range: 100 km with a single charge, to be modulated according to the use.
  • Lock: Anti-theft system integrated into the Valeo engine
  • Computer: Valeo Smart Ebike System, Bluetooth, USB port
  • Handles: Montegrappa leather
  • Control handle: Valeo Smart Ebike System
  • Saddle: Brooks - C67 Cambium
  • Front lighting : Supernova - mini 2 pro
  • Rear lighting: Supernova - TL3 PRO
  • Brakes: Front and rear / Magura MT Sport - 2 pistons / 180 mm disc
  • Wheels: Mavic E-Deemax 27.5
  • Tires: Schwalbe - Super Moto X - 27.5 x 2.8
  • Belt: Gates Carbon Drive - CDN BELT - 12 mm
  • Frame color : Green pearl AHB or Black satin
  • Weight : 24.6 kg
Heritage Style - Vert Heritage