Heritage Style Escapade
Heritage Style Escapade
Heritage Style Escapade
Heritage Style Escapade
Heritage Style Escapade
Heritage Style Escapade
Heritage Style Escapade
Heritage Style Escapade
Heritage Style Escapade
Heritage Style Escapade

Heritage Style Escapade

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Discover the new Heritage Style Escapade mountain bike: a technological gem designed to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclists. The ultra-light carbon frame, combined with an elegant design, gives this bike a sleek and modern look. Its intelligent electric motorization will allow you to travel all roads and paths with complete serenity, effortlessness and safety.

Made in France by passionate craftsmen, this all-terrain bike is the result of a unique know-how and a meticulous attention to detail. Each part has been meticulously selected to provide an unparalleled riding experience, no matter what terrain you ride.

Pre-order today by paying a deposit of 20% (€1,598 incl. VAT) of the final price of €7,990 incl. VAT. You will be notified 5 days before your model is finalised to settle your order (delivery within 4 weeks).

  • Marking Paravol : Offered
  • Gris Heritage
  • Noir Heritage
  • Couleur personalisée
GPS / Alarme / Application


The most powerful engine on the market

The Heritage Style Escapade is the perfect choice for electric bike enthusiasts looking for powerful electric assistance and a personalized riding experience. Featuring the most powerful motor available on the electric bike market today, it is capable of delivering a maximum torque of 130 Nm, providing ultra-powerful electric assistance for a smooth and enjoyable ride, even on the steepest of climbs.

Electric bike with gearbox

7-speed automatic gearbox

The Heritage Style Escapade doesn't just feature a powerful engine. It also features a major innovation: a 7-speed automatic or sequential transmission. This revolutionary innovation allows for even finer management of the electric assistance and a personalized riding experience based on your pedaling style. Thanks to this advanced technology, the Heritage Style Escapade offers a smooth and balanced ride, with optimal use of electrical energy for a tenfold increase in range. This means you can travel longer distances without having to worry about recharging the battery.

Gates Carbon Drive belt

In addition to its power and innovative gearbox, this model has a belt drive, which makes it even more powerful and quiet.

The belt drive is a cutting-edge innovation that offers a more direct and smoother power transmission than conventional chains, for an even more enjoyable driving experience. Plus, it's lighter, cleaner and doesn't require regular maintenance, making it easier to use.

With the belt drive, this bike is even quieter and more discreet, ideal for urban use and daily commuting. You will be able to move around in peace, without noise or premature wear of the parts.

Electric bike with belt drive
Top-of-the-range brakes for electric bikes

Precise & powerful braking

The MAGURA MT Sport has all the high-tech features of German engineering, such as Carbotecture® components and the proven MAGURA Disctube hose for safe stops on rides and city trips.

MAGURA stands for maximum reliability and quality in both the motorcycle and bicycle sectors. The one-piece brake caliper of the MT Sport and the use of non-degradable mineral oil increase the durability considerably.

This is also the case with the Carbotecture® brake handle made of reinforced high-tech polymer. This material is extremely impact resistant, break resistant, elastic and yet incredibly strong.

Geometry and comfort

The Heritage Style Escapade bike combines technology, comfort and ergonomics for riders of all levels. Thanks to its lightweight carbon frame and its geometry specially designed by our engineers, this bike is a model of handling and ergonomics, making it perfectly suited to riders between 1.58m and 1.90m tall. In addition, its telescopic seatpost allows everyone to quickly find their ideal position for an optimal riding experience.

This comfort is further enhanced by the Brooks C67 Cambium saddle, which allows for a long ride in all weather conditions. Its ergonomic design offers stability with its wider rear section and curved shape.

Electric bike ergonomics
Exceptional electric bike | Ateliers HeritageBike


The cockpit is equipped with a 2.5 inch screen. Thanks to this efficient, technological and solid piloting tool, you will be able to control your vehicle with ease.

Equipped with a USB plug, Bluetooth connectivity and a button dedicated to walking assistance, our cockpit has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It offers you a quick and pleasant handling from the first use.

With the joysticks of our cockpit, you will be able to go further in your driving experience. Sequential gear shifting is possible.

Performance lighting & Intelligent brake light

Supernova - mini 2 pro

Safety is a top priority for cyclists, which is why the Heritage Style Escapade is equipped with top-of-the-line front and rear lighting for optimal visibility, day or night. The lighting is designed to provide a bright, clear light that illuminates the road ahead and makes you visible to other road users.

Supernova - TL3 PRO

The Heritage Style Escapade also breaks new ground with its stop light, a feature rarely seen on bikes. This stop light activates automatically when you brake, allowing other road users to see that you are slowing down or stopping. This feature is especially important in heavy traffic areas where cyclists must be alert to avoid accidents.

Brake light function for electric bikes
Anti-theft device | GPS | Alarm | Ateliers HeritageBike application


Security is one of the main concerns of cyclists, which is why Ateliers HeritageBike offers a number of security features to protect your bike against theft and ensure your peace of mind.

As standard, the Heritage Style Escapade is equipped with the Cyclee by Valeo anti-theft device. This top-of-the-range security device is integrated directly into the engine, disengaging the gearbox and making it impossible to use the bike. This function can be activated directly from the cockpit or via your smartphone.

For even greater safety, we offer an optional GPS & Alarm box.

The GPS tracker option built into the bike lets you locate it in real time. Thanks to the Ateliers HeritageBike mobile application, you can track the exact position of your bike on a map at any time, making it easy to find in the event of theft.

The alarm option is also an important feature of the anti-theft system. If someone tries to steal your bike or move it without authorisation, the 102 dB alarm goes off immediately, attracting the attention of passers-by and deterring thieves.

Finally, the Ateliers HeritageBike mobile application lets you manage your bike remotely. For example, you can activate or deactivate the alarm or GPS tracker, check the state of the battery, or receive real-time notifications about the condition and scheduled maintenance of your bike.

Technical specifications

    • Frame: Carbon fibre
    • Forks: Manitou Markhor - 100 mm travel
    • Engine: Cyclee by Valeo - 130 Nm of torque
    • Transmission: 7-speed automatic or sequential
    • Belt: Gates Carbon Drive - CDX BELT - 12 mm
    • Battery: Cyclee by Valeo, 630 Wh - Removable
    • Range: 100 km, depending on use.
    • Anti-theft: Anti-theft system integrated into the Cyclee by Valeo engine
    • Handles : Brooks Ergon
    • Saddle: Brooks - C67 Cambium
    • Telescopic seatpost: 75mm travel - Under-seat lever
    • Front lighting : Supernova - mini 2 pro
    • Rear lighting: Supernova - TL3 PRO
    • Brakes: Front and rear / Magura MT Sport - 2 pistons / 180 mm disc
    • Wheels: Mavic E-Deemax 27.5
    • Tyres: Maxxis Rekon - 27.5 x 2.8
    • Frame colour: Heritage Grey / Heritage Black 
    • Weight : 24.6 kg


    • GPS Tracker & Alarm (102db) 
    • Custom frame painting
Exceptional electric bike | Made in France | Ateliers HeritageBike
Electric bike geometry

Geometry & Kinematics

Driver size
1,58 - 1,90m
TT607 mm
REACH390 mm
RC470 mm
HT 160 mm
FH450 mm
STACK639 mm
FO51 mm
WB1123 mm
ST450 mm
Heritage Style Escapade